Good Puzzle Games

Good Puzzle GamesIt has been scientifically proven that puzzle games help your brain in different ways. Especially when you are old, many doctors recommend puzzle games in order to keep your brain sharp. Whether they are logical games, jigsaws or crosswords, they all help fight dementia which has been a serious issue around the world in the last decade. This site is updated daily with extremely good puzzle games which are available for iOS and Android devices. We are testing every single game ourselves and we make sure that if one specific game makes it to this list, its either because we find it enjoyable and fit for your daily mind exercise.
Crossword Answers
We recommend downloading and installing the following list on your smartphone (preferably tablet) and play them anytime possible.Whether you are taking your break from work or waiting for your bus ride, this puzzle games from now on will be your best friend!

LogoGame NameGame DeveloperGame AnswersOur Rating
WordBrain Answers

WordBrainMAG InteractiveWordBrainAnswers.net5/5
CodyCrossFanateeCody Cross Answers5/5
Word Cookies AnswersWord CookiesBitMangoWord Cookies Answers5/5
WordscapesPeopleFun, Inc.WordscapesAnswers.net5/5
Word WhizzleAppropeWord Whizzle Answers5/5
Wordalot AnswersWordalotMAG InteractiveWordalot Answers5/5
Word Whizzle SearchAppropeWord Whizzle Search Answers4/5
Daily Celebrity Crossword AnswersDaily Celebrity CrosswordPuzzleSocial IncDaily Celebrity Crossword Answers4/5
7 Little Words Answers7 Little WordsBlue Ox Technologies7 Little Words Answers4/5
TypeShift AnswersTypeShiftZach GageTypeShift Answers4/5
NY Times Crossword AnswersNY Times CrosswordThe New York Times CompanyNew York Times Crossword Answers4/5
Word Trek AnswersWord TrekPlaySimple GamesWord Trek Answers3/5
WordWhizzle Mix AnswersWordWhizzle MixAppropewordwhizzlemixanswers.com3/5

Please Note: The games listed above have been tested by our staff members and we have never received any endorsement from the above mentioned companies. All our ratings are based on various factors such as difficulty of the game, interface, how entertaining the game is and the level of vocabulary used.